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In fujian province and of wearable computer flat knitting machine weaving intelligent technology co., LTD

In fujian province and intelligent technology co., LTD is a domestic leading intelligent knitting machinery manufacturers, with independent intellectual property rights of computer flat knitting machine depending on the technology of software and hardware, long engaged in computer flat knitting machine research and development, production and sales.

Wearable computer flat knitting machine weaving the company knows a number of core technologies, technical level and product quality keeps the domestic front. Compared with ordinary molding clothing, knitting wear clothing can reduce the stitching process products, lower labor costs, improve the level of machine automation, and remove the stitching part of disturbing, can make the product soft, comfortable, fully embodies the knitting clothing should have sense of comfort, fit and beautiful feeling. Since there is no gap, also formed a unique pattern effect. So this kind of product ? popular consumption

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