Yongxin and computer flat knitting machine series


YX-H88/G12 YX-H88/G14 YX-H88/G16 YX-H88/G18
Stitch length 12G、14G、16G、18G
Number of slitches/ breadth 12-needle/88-inch, 14-needle/88-inch, 16-needle/88-inch, 18-needle/88-inch
Machine speed Segmental adjustment; maximum speed: 1,6m/s; 255 segments of programmable speeds.
Shaking table Motor driven; maximally 2 inches; rack up >2 and 1/4 needles at any positions.
Braiding system Single-head and three-system; improve braiding efficiency of multi-color jacquard stitch greatly by implementing two-stitch braiding every one reverse stitch or one-stitch braiding every two reverse stitches.
Sinker The sinker system is controlled by the stepping motor; implement braiding of three systems in accordance with different fabrics; use different sinking pressures when transferring the stitch.
Selector 8-segment electronic selector
Tensioning device High-position roller; segmental adjustment; auxiliary roller, segmental adjustment
Yarn feeding device Yarn storage device, weft storage device (optional) , The yarn storage device and the weft storage device (optional) control the tensioning force of the yarn accura e y to ensure consistency of quality of the whole fabric.
Automatic stopping device Automatic stop when meeting brokenyarn, knot,batching,collison,completion,overload,specified traveling and stopping,program error,and orher errors.
Yarn nozzle The system can adjust the stopping position of the yarn nozzle during braiding on the machine. Through this function the yam nozzle can follows up two sides of the fabric closely at any time, without making any complicated adjustment On the basis of this characteristic, we can save a plenty of time on adjustment of design parameters of the machine especially some complicated design.The system can complete braid multiple yarn nozzles in identical line and can braid the complicated design, such as appliqu e and knit & wear pattern easily, thereby improving the production efficiency greatly.
I Transmission device Transm ission in presence of belt; control with AC servo motor.
Safety device The whole safety device is covered, thereby reducing noise and avoiding dust; the protective cover has the stopping sensor for stopping when meeting emergency, turning off the power supply device and indicator lamp.
Data input The computer accesses to the input data through the USB flash disk.
Control system LCD in dustrial display is taken as the screen; the touch screen has the graphic interface; the USB Hash disk or network is taken to transm it; the memory of the system is expanded to 2G, in order to store a plenty of design files and call out for use at any time in accordance with production need.

M onitoring of screen: various operating param eters and stitches under braiding can be displayed and adjusted at i: any tim e when the machine runs, thereby facilitating operation and saving time maximally.

M u lti-la n g u a g e operating version: the machine is com patible with versions in Chinese, English, Italian, etc.; and j the version of needed language can be increased in accordance with the need of the customer.

 Size and weight of the machine Volume: length: 2565mm, width: 895mm, height: 1900mm; net weight: 1320kg
Power supply device Voltage: AC 220V; frequency: 50Hz/60Hz; power: 1.5KW

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